MAR PRiDe Scholarship Program

Mid-Atlantic Region Past Region Directors’ Scholarship Program

The MAR PRiDe Scholarship Program exists to help MAR members further their scholarship in embroidery related education and expertise. Scholarships are awarded to enrich the knowledge of each recipient, with the belief that EGA members will benefit indirectly from
an individual’s endeavors.

A MAR PRiDE Scholarship may be awarded for EGA education programs, such as Extended Study Program, Teacher, judge, or needlework appraisal certification requirements, Independent Study (i.e., ICC) , and seminar experiences, as well as other embroidery-related experiences.

The scholarship recipient shall submit a substantial written report to the MAR PRiDe committee by a date specified when the scholarship was awarded. The report shall include a record of the scholarship experience and possible implementations of the experience into recipient’s life. Within the report, the committee welcomes proposals to lecture or
teach for a region event.